Aunt Kelly's Butter Crunch Cookies

WE ARE SO COMMITTED TO MAKING DELICIOUS COOKIES FROM SCRATCH!  Fresh Ingredients, Chewy with a Crunch. Pure Butter Crunch Goodness!

Sharing My Butter Crunch Cookies Experience with You!

Aunt Kelly,

Store Owner

  It all started when I was a young girl living in 1980's Baltimore. I was in grade school and like many of my peers, I would make sure I had change for buying Butter Crunch cookies. As years past, I searched for but could not find that same Butter Crunch taste I remembered. That is until I started baking cookies in 1999. I discovered the key ingredient that makes this cookie. I couldn't wait to share my discovery with my family. From then on, I would gladly bake for any event and to see everyone fall in love with Butter Crunch again. Now I want to share that experience with you!


Aunt Kelly


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